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There are players in most professional orchestras in the UK who have passed through Rehearsal Orchestra and we would to love hear from you if you or players you know have played with the orchestra in the past. Keep us updated and tell us where you are and what you’re doing now.  We’re just as interested if your orchestral studies have led to a career as a dog-groomer, wing-walker, international flan-flinger or jewel thief; why not tell us your story and memories of your time with RO?  We’ll be pleased to keep you updated from time to time about what we’re doing, too.

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Music Colleges in the late 1960s did not provide the sophisticated orchestral education current now and so the two summers I spent in the Edinburgh Rehearsal orchestra under the direction of Harry Legge were the best preparation I received for my subsequent orchestral career. I particularly remember playing Shostakovich 8 and Mahler 9. I also had a very good time!

Meyrick Alexander, Head of Woodwind, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama; Principal Bassoon, Philharmonia Orchestra 1980 – 2010 and London Chamber Orchestra 1985 – present