Honours for Adrian

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Many congratulations to violinist and RO Trustee Adrian Charlesworth, who has been awarded Associate Honours (ARAM) by the Royal Academy of Music. Associateship is awarded to alumni of the Academy who have distinguished themselves in the music profession and made a significant contribution in their particular field. This honour comes as a wonderful surprise for Adrian, especially as this is the Royal Academy of Music’s 200th Anniversary Year. Adrian attributes his long association with the Rehearsal Orchestra (since Edinburgh 1983) as contributing to the award.


I’ve had a 40-year connection with the Rehearsal Orchestra, from learning the trade with them as a teenager to remaining loyal to their cause once I’d begun my professional violin career. Then RO founder Harry Legge invited me to join the Charity’s Board what is now decades ago. Over the years, I have also led the RO in Wagner Meistersinger excerpts under his son, Anthony, as well as being an occasional Principal 2nd as Charlotte’s deputy. I have also continued to play with the Orchestra whenever I can as a fully paying member at the back of tutti Second Violins, to make sure others have the chance to play higher up in the section like I did in my youth.

Priceless moments with the RO, such as passed-down traditions in orchestral violin playing, continue to help me for example when I’m involved in the coaching of youth orchestras, such as the National Children’s Orchestras, and I expect those youngsters to eventually play in the RO and pro bands, too – full circle, job done, top organisation!


An orchestra in rehearsal with a piano soloist

Adrian (right) in rehearsal for RO fundraising gala at The Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, in 2005.

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